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Bored_PigisNFT , Pigs are Scientifically known as Sus Scrofa.They are social as well as highly intelligent animal. Pigs make different sounds with different meanings.Come to think of this, why Pigs always think like human. When you look at dogs, they look up to you and when you look at cats, they look down on you but when you look at pigs they look straight into your eyes without fear.Pigs feels so under estimated by human characters which makes them more bored and weird. Always feeling bad when they notice kind of love human showed to other pets, Like Apes, Dogs, Cats and more to be mentioned And they have been adress as human meals. Which lead all the survival of pigis to be on hideout on till they became weird Bored and very hungry at the same time..They began to send msg to all Survival across the universe to join forces and proof to human how loyal and loving they can be. That was how the name was form to Spread and to be Loved by Everyone. They Believe Loving & To Be Loved Can Save The Universe.





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