Frequently asked questions

What is NFT ?

A NFT is non-fungible token, unique digital art or collectible that's sold on blockchain sites like opensea using cryptocurrency. Mainly on Ethereum & Polygon

How do i buy NFTs ?

Download Metamask and Opensea, change your metamask from Ethereum Blockchain to Polygon Mainnet. Your metamask is your digital wallet where your crypto is stored as well as the NFTs you purchase. Opensea is well known marketplace where the Bored_PigisNFTs will be sold & trade.

What is Bored_PigisNFTs ?

Bored_Pigis is a collection of 4000 Bored_PigisNFTs that are unique digital collectibles trade & sold on Polygon Blockchain. Each PigisNFT have its own Attributes & Traits. It is also the community of evryone we love & those that need to be loved that have been supporting this project since day one of the journey.

Why you should buy NFTs ?

NFTs are hot on digital market right now because of the metaverse and how we are about to discover web3. NFTs is an asset and when you buy, you resell them to make your money and profit back and potentially so much more.

How many will be available ?

The Bored_PigisNFTs availability will be drop according to the roadmap.

How will i get a presale ?

Keep track on community be active and opensea market place.

Will there be giveaway ?

Yes, there will be giveaways! They will be announced in the discord and twitter social media platforms.

How do i promote this project ?

The best way to promote & moon this project is by inviting people, friends to join the community discord and to be part of PigisNFTs Membership.

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