Benefits & Utilities

  • 20% Items Sold Is All About Giving Back 10% To The Community & PigisNFT Holders That Take The World as Love & Caring Place. Execute Big Promotion Campaign For The Project & Free Giveaway For The New Members.

  • 40% Items Sold All Holders Of PigisNFT Will Have Access To Vote Get Involve & Make There Voice Strong In Community. Plus 10% Of Ongoing Royalties Will Be Transfer To All Holders Monthly. Marketing Team & Community Expand Will Be Process. Free Giveaway To The Community & Holders Of PigisNFT.

  • 60% Items Sold Development Of Community Address In Which 10% Of Transaction Fee From Trade Will Be Transfer Every Month To Increase The Market Value Which Will Favor All Holders Of Bored_PigisNFT. Host Big Giveaway & for the Holders Along Side With Crypto.

Benefits & Utilities

  • 80% Items Sold Collab & Featuring Another project which will benefit All Pigis Members To Participate In Every Role. 10% From Sale Will Be Donated To Any Animal Organization Which Will Be Voted By The Community Members. 50 WL On The Next Project will Be Given Out To Pigis Holders.

  • 100% Items Sold Big Giveaway Event For All PigisNFT Members Will Automatical Participate In Merch & Other Exciting Gift, ETH, Cash Rottery & 10 NFT Will Be In Prize Giveaway For The Members In Celebration Of Roadmap V1 Completed. Preparation Of Roadmap 2 Will Begin.

Why You Should Purchase


Your Bored_PigisNFT Will Serve As A VIP Membership Access To An Exclusive Events, Rottery, Royalty Giveaways & WL Giveaway From Collab &Project Partner, Aim Is To Increase The Best Value Of The Benefits To All Member Of Bored_PigisNFT In The Community.

Only 4000 Bored_PigisNFT Will Be Part Of This Mooning NFT Token On Blockchain.

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